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Please keep in mind all the rude sounding listed sites are what have been run in the past. No content will be renewed that has been voted out of existence. As stated below this is not my decision it is yawls. All sites will have Discussion forums in the near future to either remove or find alternate content for some of the more profound domain names. And if know one speaks up I will assume there is no problem and restore them to there original operating parameters. Well I have to let my capitalistic (What I learned in school, I'm proud to be an American !) training shine through if know one has any objections I will let them fly, so please speak up!

!!! NEW !!! Provide Feedback for the Domain name STATBASKET.COM !!! NEW !!!
!!! NEW !!! Please help provide Feedback for all Auto Discoverd Hosted Domains you like. !!! NEW !!!
!!! NEW !!! Help provide Useful Research on any Auto Discoverd Unknown Domains that let you access this page.
!!! NEW !!!

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If you have not visited this site before but the site shows visits, thats the nature of the internet.
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(c) 1964 Carey Crownover.
Born in The 19th Century, looking forward to the 20th!
1984 The Mad Planter.
Started with a lifelong friend Steve Ball.
1986 CDC Landscaping.
Started with my brother Chris Crownover.
1989 Aim to Please auto.
Started with a very smart, very old black man named Glenn Tyson. He swore he was in the Jamaican Air Force. I heard he Died in 1999 he was 92.
1992 CareRob Aluminum.
Started with my friend Rob, went to Miami and built screen and pool enclosures after Hurricane Andrew.
(c) 1992 Computer Creations by Carey Crownover.
Started when friends and neighbors realized I knew how to fix computers.
(c) 1992 SaveTheEarth.Inc.
Started putting this on people's computers in the description box for their company name, instead of "Valued Customer". At least 3,000 computers have been distributed with Save the Earth, Inc. as a company name thru the year 2008.Finally registered Domain SaveTheEarth.Inc in 2004.
(c) 1996 Byus.com.
Registered First Domain ByUs.com 3/28/1996 to start internet hosting and dial in service.
(c) 1997 Webtivities Inc.
5/20/1996 - Preston J. Harris coined the phrase Webtivities. So we subsequently registered the Dot com. and a few days later the Dot net. We then started paperwork for Webtivities, Inc.
(c) 2005 HostThePlanet Inc.
6/1/1999 - HostThePlanet.net.
????? YOU TELL ME ?????

Life is good!

\| \| (10/14/97) |/ |/
StatBasket v2.0 beta test.

NEW! Proxy Acceptance
NEW! Check Printing
NEW! Access/SQL Support
NEW! SMP Support
NEW! Advertiser Grouping
NEW! Full Online Help
NEW! Old Data Archiving
NEW! Superior Interface

Ultrafast Calculations
Realtime Statistics
Incoming & Outgoing
Hit Bot Remover
Fully Configurable
Web Administration
Windows NT Based
Invisible to the Client
Auto. Advertiser Signup
Individual Passwords
Individual Stats Pages
Global Stats Pages
Graphical Charting

StatBasket purchase now
includes complete toll-free
technical support access!

Custom packages are also
available on a limited basis.
Any quality suggestions for
the StatBasket package will
be considered and promptly
added to the package.

StatBasket v2100 the new beginning. (5/20/2004)
I have always considered user tracking and state maintenance to be the first step to providing a secure experience for everyone. So in order to get a better handle on this I have shut down all websites in an effort to build a central maintenance database. As my first logical step I had to decide which site would be the best to start off this process. Here it is my pride and JOY!!!
STATBASKET.com. The FIRST on the web, Always the BEST!!!
It would be helpful to have user input to assist in starting these sites over!
My Goals for this portion of the HostThePlanet project.
1. Provide the primary traffic engine for Host The Planet.net.
2. Manage all incoming and outgoing traffic for all hosted user defined domains.
3. Provide system state tracking, to allow users to monitor there online changes.
4. Allow users to track and monitor there own account usage.
5. Determine existing domain and directory structure of all sites on the fly.
6. Provide list of all Domains, Sub Domains, Directories, and files to users.
7. Allow users to vote on all areas and content before it is restored.
8. Allow users to suggest content management solutions, no third party software.
9. Limit upper tier interaction to only those people that join in and provide Input!
10. Ban all abusive computers from second tier site interaction, this could include entire class B's. I will not play games! I will make exceptions for people within those banned ranges to have there static IP turned on by whatever?
(11) This is most important, I will strive to make this system remember every single contribution you make to this and every subsequent portion of this site engine. No input is bad input. It does not matter what you have to say, you will see how your input helps the overall system one way or another! Your thoughts are your thoughts you share them within the system as you see fit! I will share them with know one as long as this system can maintain itself! By maintaining itself that means it is entirely up to you, the users! Show me potential flaws, help me debug enhancements, and most of all tell me what you want! If this can be done then I think we can work together to make our information secure and sharable amongst our friends and Colleagues.

Server Date 7/24/2024 8:01:03 AM EST
Database Began 5/14/2004 4:05 PM EST
Every Domain, Site, and Webpage shows this page.
Total owned and hosted domains = 102
Total Raw domain visits = 30292507
Unique domain visits = 1244709
Unique Ip Address's = 727648
Unique Web Browsers = 62821
Unique Proxy Servers = 10630
Totally Unique Computers = 48
!!! NEW !!! Provide Input by domain. !!! NEW !!!
I will finish v2100 when input is above 100
Valid User Input to date = 326544

StatBasket v2.0 beta test. (10/14/97)
Now that the StatBasket has been installed in three high-trafficked Internet companies, and more than 50 web sites, 300 clients, and approximately 250,000 users are tracked daily with our software, we have decided to re-engineer the core. Full 100% optimization of the server code, a completely redesigned graphical interface that is three times more efficient, five times as friendly, and server load reduction by nearly 30% are currently underway. (Look for great new features, including concise help files and online tech support as well!)

StatBasket v1.5 beta test. (9/15/97)
A couple of additional bugs have been worked out, and some new features are now being implemented. Oracle database support, Code streamlining, and Symmetric multi-processor (SMP) support are currently being developed.

StatBasket v1.0 final completed. (9/02/97)
The completed StatBasket has been an exciting achievement for the Webtivities development team! This project has all the features designated completed, and the majority of the bugs worked out. Added: Proxy Server acceptance, QuickBooks check printing, Limited client grouping for ease of use, Access, and SQL server support, Old data archival module, and much more.

StatBasket v.90 beta test. (8/17/97)
Full advertiser auto-signups completed. Completed referring URL checking and statistics. Numerous minor bug fixes to the v.65 engine are completed. Creation of the graphical customer payout page and page esthetics / typographical corrections underway.

StatBasket.com. (8/04/97)
Purchased domain name StatBasket.com.

StatBasket v.65 beta test. (8/01/97)
This version supports all the features of the v.53 beta, plus support for duplicate IP checking and removal via IP database, advertiser payout/payin calculations, limited referring URL checking and statistics. StatEngine was completely redesigned from v.53.

StatBasket v.53 beta test. (7/18/97)
This version (which was beta tested on www.sextionary.com) supports incoming and outgoing traffic tracking, automatic advertiser signups, individual stat pages, a global stat page, and limited hitbot removal. No bugs were reported using this version.

StatBasket v.40 beta test. (6/25/97)
Light traffic testing to our first real version of the StatBasket software. This version was merely a traffic counter that gave pay out information via the web.

StatBasket birth. (6/12/97)
Today our development team realized that a web statistics program designed for non-stop highly traversed web servers with many unique features the competition was lacking was needed. On this day, the design table was setup and the server was assembled.